Hi everyone.

I’m sitting at my desk late in the evening with an upbeat playlist running in the background, contemplating the year past and the year ahead.

2021 brings new hope. The hope that the troubles so many people faced in 2020 because if Covid-19 will be a thing of the past. In general, I have heard many colleagues, friends and family say 2020 was an awful year and that they cannot wait to move forward. Unfortunately Covid-19 restrictions implemented early this year haven’t helped the general sentiment.

Personally, 2020 was a year that taught me much about myself. It may sound cliched, but I truly realised that I am more resilient than I thought. I learnt that work is so critical because it affords me the lifestyle I am fortunate to have. I learnt that family truly is the most important thing in my life – being forced to work from home and spending so much time with my family helped me appreciate that our little unit is more balanced than I had ever thought.

I would listen to a lot of people moan about having to put up with wives and kids and how difficult it was and I realised I was truly blessed to actually be enjoying the time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an attempt to boast about a perfect family, but rather just an expression of how grateful I actually am to 2020 for helping me come to terms with some very important aspects in my life – like remembering that my wife and I don’t really have that much to fight about.

Why, you may ask, is any of this relevant to architecture and why would I write about this?

Well, in simple terms, it has been remarkably interesting to find inspiration for my life in architecture in the strangest things. The inspiration found in just being able to walk around in our communal garden after being restricted from it for weeks. The inspiration found in being able to ride bikes down the road with my kids and feel the fresh morning breeze in our faces. Being able to play tennis. Watching my kids draw and chill at the most random times as they squeezed some fun out of weird digi-school hours. All these “simple” things brought about enormous inspiration for my work.

Don’t get me wrong, work was challenging at times. Getting used to a new home-based environment and having my family as “office” colleagues was strange. Online meetings started to drive me crazy after a while. On the flipside, not sitting in traffic was amazing! Being reasonably in charge of my hours was awesome and helped me to remember that I really am self-motivated and can keep going for hours and hours at a time when I really need to.

In the end, having a healthy family was the biggest blessing and I am very grateful we managed to stay safe during this time.

Looking ahead at 2021, even though I know I am not a professional writer, I hope to add some value by regularly relating relevant architectural information, insights, tips and some of my thoughts through this simple blog page.

I wish you all a fantastic year and truly hope you achieve every success in whatever shape or form that may be for you personally.

I look forward to interacting with you in 2021!

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Alzira Neves · January 14, 2021 at 10:31 pm

So proud, beautiful family. Amazing architect.💙💙

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